Rolex replica and motor sports

Daytona Beach, Florida, the eastern United States in the world are known for speed, if you have the opportunity to go to a local, you’ll see the famous long straight beach, from the beginning of 1903 to create a land speed record became legendary capital . Since 1903, many racing events are held here, many of the world land speed record here also refresh. And in this is among the most watched of 1935 • Sir Malcolm Campbell driving “Bluebird” car speed of nearly 450 kilometers of records.


Rolex replica and motor sports

To date, known as the “world center of racing” Daytona beach racing has long been a substitute for professional racing venues. In this “land speed” only appeared on numerous riders go down with the car, there was a well-known chronograph – Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch.
Rolex and motor sports quite closely, the brand has been producing since 1933 Chronograph and these watches are usually equipped with other surface features, such as: measurement speed tachometer, telemeter measure distance, or measuring the pulse of the heartbeat other terms. Then ride to Sir Malcolm Campbell • Daytona Beach often when the car hit a feat would wear a Rolex Oyster watch, but there is a world of Rolex Zerograph, it is the time to use the smallest chronograph movement, Rolex has become a classic masterpiece one.

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However, Rolex chronograph real fame in 1963 new facelift, Rolex specially launched a new racing chronograph “Cosmograph watch,” using Valjoux 72 type (Valjoux ETA after the acquisition) full manual machine core. Watch dial entirely practical design considerations as a starting point, so that the watch timer function easier to read. Timing panel with strongly contrasting colors, light-colored dial with black, or black dial with light. The gun moved to the outer peripheral surface by the ring.
In this one, the one known as the “Paul Newman •” (Paul Newman) dial the most famous, of course, because of the different color is also divided into several models. And one of the most orthodox of the non-known veteran American actor and racer Paul Newman • often wear this watch dial (Ref: 6239) must go. Iconic features a white dial, black sub dial, dial the outer red mark, while the sub-dial for the block scale. Today, the “• Paul Newman” Daytona has become easy price auctions than 50 million hard goods.
If you look carefully, you will find at this Daytona Rolex watch case has not yet reached a consistent level of protection, chronograph buttons located above and below the crown and did not install the waterproof lock. But soon after its 1965 Daytona 6263/6262 will be the installation of the timing of the lock button.

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In 1988, Rolex launched the first self-winding movement Daytona 16520, watches models upgraded to five. When EI Primero movement, application rate controlling structure will swing Cal.4030 movement born out of Zenith slow frequency change from the original 28,800 to 36,000 times / when / and also the movement of the timing system equipped with spring brake Trolley made improvements. The entire movement up to more than 120 replacement parts, if that Cal.4030 movement reborn too.

EI Primero movement published in 1969, in which, after five years, Valjoux 7750 launch. Many brands have launched their own automatic chronograph movement, makes the Rolex had to rethink its strategic layout. Finally, in 2000, Rolex introduced its own production Cal.4130 completely automatic chronograph movement.


Rolex replica Cal.4130

Cal.4130 Cal.4030 type of movement than the movement to reduce the number of parts by 60%. Especially Rolex simplified minute and hour counter system, which is integrated into a single component and use the clutch means is not centered cautiously placed on one side of the movement, traditionally, these parts are located in two separate movement both sides. Centrifuged screw adjustment chronograph patented technology, can adjust the frequency was reduced from five to one.

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This technology can save space, easy to assemble larger mainspring, power reserve which will be extended from the previous 50-72 hours. In addition, the efficiency of the automatic winding mechanical structures increased dramatically, especially in the use of a new generation of automatic ring back wheel system, the bi-chain efficiency is more significant. In line with the structure of the movement, the balance wheel is mounted on the balance cock, and fixed on both sides to improve the seismic force. And a fully developed, manufactured and patented by Rolex’s Parachrom gossamer.
In this section steel Daytona upgrade again, Rolex introduced a new ceramic outer steel section Daytona (Ref: 116500LN), the advent of steel ceramic ring paragraph, declaring since 2000 launched this generation steel section Daytona finally completed the latest upgrade (since 2013 Daytona platinum ring ceramic watch, welcomed by the steel section ceramic ring) in 2015.

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A movement born for racing Professional Chronograph, famous in Daytona Beach. Today, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch is still the continuation of the professional attributes Chronograph motorsport, writing his own legend.