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One of the boldest pieces in the Royal Oak collection, along with the classic 15400 and ultra-thin 15202, has been the Openworked Selfwinding version 15305 – so it’s a connoisseur’s watch designed for collectors who care about watch making and collecting. Who knows how to identify real advanced clock execution and decoration. This watch USES 39 mm watch case, use famous machine core 3120 evolution, use completely hollow-out version, complete in an excellent way: the Angle of manual execution, multiple inside and outside angles. However, in 2016, Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica decided that the watch should be updated by introducing a new Royal Oak double balance wheel hollow reference 15407. Why would they do that?

First, the new Openworked version updates its case to 41mm in diameter, consistent with the rest of the “automation” series (understood here as 15400). But that’s not the main evolutionary point. Most impressive is the addition of a second filament to the 3120 core’s regulating mechanism. What are the advantages of this feature? There are different points of view to consider. The first is about visual pleasure. There is a double pendulum wheel, one of which is placed on the side of the Audemars Piguet replica watches dial, so that the wearer can appreciate the ballet of the organ even if they are wearing the watch – and watch the movement.

However, the major upgrades involve technical aspects, primarily timers. Compared with the traditional “single balance”, the advantages of this dual-wheel device can be measured correctly by placing it on the classic 3120 core. The idea is to take advantage of the advantages of two equilibrium springs, without the problems that come with them. Double spring can improve the precision. However, this structure (when you have two threads on the same side of a single balance) is known to be difficult to adjust and generate additional friction on the balance bar. In the escapement mechanism with a spring, an error occurs because the spring is connected to the point of the bolt. One solution to this problem is the Breguet terminal curve (which solves this problem nicely). Another effect is your error in the spring alloy. Use made of the same alloy two spring and separate them 180 ° completely canceled it, this is helpful to Audemars Piguet Copy watches the whole time performance.

The idea of double balance instead of double filaments means a structure with a balance bar, each side with a cycloidal wheel and a filament, that can adjust the Fake Audemars Piguet Watches from each side of the movement. Because there are two variable inertial balances placed relative to each other (each adjusted by eight inertial blocks/masselottes), this means that the weight is perfectly distributed around the balance bar, and the watchmaker can adjust the watch with extreme precision in all positions. In addition, since the weight on both sides of the balance bar is equal, this means less friction and better distribution – explaining the advantage of double balance over double filaments on a single balance.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked 37mm replica watches

The watch is a combination of several things that Audemars Piguet has done. The first is the precision of tabulation. The Caliber 3132 was equipped with a sophisticated Caliber 3132 patent core. With 245 components, the homemade core debuted two years ago and quickly became a collector’s favorite. Although Fake Audemars Piguet Watches hollow out watches before only a balance wheel and balance wheel balance spring, but the new 3132 is equipped with two automatic chain machine core Calibre balance wheel and balance wheel balance spring, its height, but on a shaft.

The goal of this movement is to improve stability and accuracy. Technical program, however, there is also a visually appealing side effects that balance wheel and spring separation way is through the anti-dazzle from dial side you can see a sapphire crystal, another through another anti-dazzle sapphire crystal glass. I like this look.Its structure seems to be layered for aesthetics, but in fact, it is a by-product of sports architecture.

Naturally, each component of the Double Balance Wheel Openworked core is elaborately decorated to achieve the best skeletal and dramatic detail — consider hand-polished sharp corners, bevelled Bridges, and striated surfaces. Initially, two years ago, the movement was placed in a 41mm case. Now, using the latest 18K platinum frosted version, it is housed in a 37mm case – making it more versatile.Although the inside of the watch is a work of technical mastery, the outside is a work of art completed by hand. The watch and the whole bracelet features what Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica calls frosted gold. In fact, the gold is hand-hammered to achieve unparalleled shine.

Audemars Piguet replica watches launched its first frosted finish, marking the 40th anniversary of the female royal oak. The anniversary watch features a polished gold surface created by Italian jeweler Carolina Bucci. She turned to the centuries-old Florentine technique of hammering gold, and handcrafted each dent with a diamond cutter. The result is a scintillating “frosted” appearance that varies with each turn of the wrist.

In fact, this watch is a bit too shiny for me, and while the glimmer obscures the brilliance of the technology, I personally prefer the non-hammer diamond 18K rose gold 37mm model. However, the final result of the combination of internal advantages and external effects is that the new 18K platinum fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak frosted double-bar idler hollow-out watch won the championship As long as you have a price of $76,000. Watches can only be sold at Audemars Piguet’s boutique.