It was a very happy time for Michael DiMartini in the beginning of 2012. His wife Theresa had just given birth their first child, Luca.


But DiMartini had a nagging feeling in his gut. As an executive at a large real estate development firm, he made a good living, but his true love was Rolex copy watches, particularly Rolex copy watches.
“Everyone in Italy has a Rolex,” he recalled. “I saw all these beautiful people with beautiful Rolex copy watches, so my love for Rolex watches grew deeper.”


His affinity for the Rolex esthetic led him to want to develop an aftermarket strap for Rolex sport Rolex copy watches. With a well-funded company already on the market, Rubber B, DiMartini knew he had to offer something different and what he believed is a better product, namely in the area of comfort.
Desperate to support his family somehow, DiMartini took a job selling furniture. The owner of the furniture store encouraged him to raise funds on Kickstarter. That idea clicked and soon DiMartini reconnected with an old friend, David Barnes (who is now Everest’s co-founder), who provided some seed money and business development skills for attempt number two.
DiMartini credits social media, Facebook in particular, for helping him spread the word about Everest, which currently offers aftermarket rubber straps and leather bands that are made to fit (with the high tolerances) the original Rolex copy watches case. A Swiss manufacturer provides the vulcanized rubber straps.


One of the hallmarks of the Everest brand is the proprietary endlinks that their leather straps attach to the Rolex copy watches with, eliminating the gap with a straight end leather strap in what the company dubs its strap system. DiMartini said the company is working on curved end leather strap, for a simpler look that many customers have been requesting.