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Because the black, camouflage, militarization of the modified style is very popular, some brands to see the business
opportunities. Specifically introduced and popular modified table similar to the watch. I believe that many of these brands
are not familiar with the players, such as the US brand Anken (ANCON) to launch a special black-plated style, bronze-style
water ghost famous (imitate Rolex modified water ghost appearance). Including Rolex, Audemars Piguet, including some of the
brand, also began to launch the “official modified style”, such as Rolex although not able to launch a black type of watch,
so through the Tudor launched a black “black flower”; Audemarsin launched the whole Black ceramic royal oyster calendar.
Audemars Piguet oak calendar because of the high price, so we talk about for the time being. But Tudor “little black flower”
to become a popular model, is an indisputable fact. Modification style is a market. In this case, some foreign senior
players on the hope that the watch brand can not establish the official “modified sector” specifically for official
modification. Some players pointed out that you can refer to the relationship between Mercedes-Benz and AMG, launched the
official “modified” model watch. Brand official and its opposition to civil modification, as the official conversion. The
official conversion is certainly better than the civil conversion effect.

There are also domestic demand for modified watches, and a lot of watches involved. The domestic modification of the table
and foreign as foreign countries, what is the basic domestic what. We are also the most common modification of the table
there are three, after drilling, black, carved. Here I talk one by one.

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After drilling is the most common type of domestic conversion table. Small brands, big brands have. The most common post-
drill is Cartier, Rolex, Farmland. In addition to these three relatively large brands, there are some Patek Philippe,
Chopin, count, are also the object after drilling. After the main purpose of drilling, “tens of thousands of pieces of
watches put out hundreds of thousands of results.” Because many of the original diamond watch the price is very high, on the
one hand the original table is the gold table K gold, plus diamonds, precious stones, the price is very high. After drilling
the watch are mostly steel version, and then diamond, steel and then drill, then the final price is cheaper. For example,
add a circle after the drill bead of Cartier, the price and no diamond-based original watch is not much difference, your
thousands of dollars only. After drilling inlaid color gem circle Rolex GMT price is more than 40,000 only; after drilling
bezel card Cartier card almost more than 30,000 points. Some after drilling the stars of the watch extra post drill price
will be higher, but overall, after the drill price is really not high. A large part of the reason is that the value of
broken diamond is not too high, but set a circle of drilling will make the watch is flashing, can do tens of thousands of
watches to wear out hundreds of thousands of results.

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Black is another common form of domestic market modification table. The object of blacking is mainly Rolex. My most common
black-plated Rolex is a lightning needle (black light lightning needle, green glass). Head, bracelet all black. May be
because the black disc lightning bolt black and orange needle more conspicuous, and black with a comparison, so they choose
to use the black plate. After the same price of black rose the same, the basic version of the original version of more than
a few thousand dollars to million, not expensive.

Carving is the most common retrofit method, the object is mainly Rolex. Including water ghost, lightning needle (green
glass), have a carved version. To tell the truth, these watches are very good after the carved, very cool art. After the
carved the price is not high, a table head, bracelet full of carved water ghost 16610 single table only 40,000 dollars more
money. Now the last generation of calendar water ghost 16610 price of more than 30,000 yuan, compared to the whole table
carved after selling more than 40,000, not expensive. The price of lightning is similar.

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Watches and toys is no different, the watch is only more expensive toys, so there is nothing can not buy. Since the car can
be modified, what can not be modified? In particular, the Rolex Rainbow Circle Daytona, very little production, and has been
discontinued, through the civil modification, in order to get a rainbow circle (of course, just imitate the rainbow circle).
But the prerequisite is that, and modified cars, since the conversion, it is necessary to pay a certain price. Take an
example of a car. My brother before there is a cool, modified over. Surrounded, exhaust, door, hood are moving. Looks cool,
but the attendant question is that when he later sold the car, he lost a lot (I only sold 140,000). Whether it is car or
table, the vast majority of the time we are seeking the original original, the only way to ensure that the maintenance,
maintenance, trading, trading everything is normal. Once modified, can no longer accept the official maintenance and in
accordance with the conventional price of the transaction (which is why the modified table price is not expensive reasons).
Loss is inevitable, because most people can not accept the conversion, in which only a few people. For the old players, a
watch off is not a matter of fact, I think you are familiar with the old players have their own table, you can solve the
problem of watch maintenance. I think the only problem is that when we are tired, this table can not be successfully shot.
If you do not care about this, can not be shot on their own, then these modified table can be assured to buy. For more care
about the watch after-sales maintenance, and care about the second shot of the players, modified table is not a good choice.
Finally, there is a play, is to buy a original original watch, and then buy a gem circle, drill ring, and then the gem ring
or diamond ring for the watch, the original bezel replaced. Waiting for the need to go after the need for official test
table and then put the original bezel on the change, so that the game also played a modified original.