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Cheap Perfect Rolex Submariner replica watches green

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Recently, I visited the Beijing cheap Perfect rolex replica Watch Center, learned a lot of friends struggling to find a table and wait for the Rolex Submariner replica (public price ¥ 70000), and finally there is the spot to shop. Submarinert is known to all Rolex replica watches models in rare scarce, so the Friends table of interest, a rare opportunity oh.


Rolex Submariner replica watches green


Submariner should be said that there are two generations of products, is the first generation of Submariner green circle black face in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner series (1953) was born and launch a special, model 16610LV, 2010 Nian Basel, Rolex Submariner re-launched the modern section of the dial has become a green face, green gold using patented technology, model 116610LV.

Submariner first generation, using a green aluminum bezel, the second generation of green ceramic used to dial the mysterious green gold material, these are two very interesting changes its scarce production Gengrang charming cheap replica watches a table hard to find.
We can often see white ceramic and black ceramic, but only one green ceramic swiss replica watches, it needs to overcome many technical difficulties, not simply to ceramic coloring, but need the ceramic fired into the green, “green gold” technology is until now no one has to know in detail the secret of it. Even today, Rolex can not arbitrarily change the color of the ceramic.
According to past experience, it would be difficult such a popular commodity retained in the store, it is still hard to find Submarinerworkers fans, met do not put up with it.