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In the 2015 Baselworld, Rolex replica introduced three new log pearl lady omega replica, with redesigned and diameter to 39 mm case, as well as installation of the Rolex replica watches patent paramagnetic blue gossamer 3235 Parachrom mechanical machine core.  Today for everyone to bring a log type pearl ladies Rolex Perpetual replica.

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New log pearl lady omega replica watches, a total of 3. Both gold material, bezel are inlaid blue-green and yellow-orange gem stones. There is also a Platinum material, bezel set violet gem.
This is a new log pearl lady type 39 in which a gold material Rolex Perpetual replica (Model: 86348SAJOR), cognac-colored dial, bezel set with 48 baguette-cut red orange gradient to natural stones. Arc with solid gold five row link bracelet, pearl lady type unique, elegant.
Rolex Oyster case guaranteed waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet), the material is more robust and gold showing a mature and noble sense, build foundry made by Rolex. Screw-on Twill lock winding crown using dual waterproofing system, together with the triangular grooved bottom, firmly fastened to the case.

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Five rows of curved links, unlike cheap Rolex replica taxi commemorative type bracelet, curvature natural, more feminine. Hidden beneath the outer spacious connection, make sure that the visual effect between the strap and the case reached the seamless connection.
Comfortable side smooth lines, and lugs are polished, shining gold unique touch of light. Exquisite inlaid stones arranged bezel gradient from yellow to orange and then to red, tiling natural stones in each group, and to achieve the perfect gradient effect, complex and difficult process, each one of the outer ring are a unique gemstone watch extraordinary.
Concealed gold crown buckle with Rolex crown logo hinged open.

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Dial sun radiation patterns on decorative cognac-colored, 3 o’clock date display window at 12 o’clock position of the large crown stereoscopic mosaic, classic trapezoid pointer mirror “blisters” and other elements, enduring. 6 and 9 o’clock position using the large Arabic numerals and a small fine inlaid diamonds, other hour digits are set with a fine large diamonds.

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The new 3235-type movement, section 3255 of the log type. The new assembly cheap Rolex replica patent Chronergy escapement to provide efficient power. Nickel phosphorus movement made it from magnetic interference. Balance wheel fitted with a modified blue Parachrom springs, shock when met, its accuracy is ten times more than conventional gossamer. The new barrel design and escapement efficient operation, so that the movement power reserve increases for three days.

Summary: This Rolex Perpetual replica from the outside are impeccable, I believe that no woman replica watches can resist its charm. Beautifully arranged mosaic gradient gems, diamonds fine scale, Huang Cheng Cheng gold material, accurate and stable practical movement, imagine the price will not be cheap, CHF 71,200.